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The time when I walked in and around Paris, 2019.

So eventually the day arrived, September 5th 2019. It was the first time I landed in Paris, the capital as well as a beautiful city in France. The weather was cold, not as spine chilling I expected it to be at that time. Got down from my flight with my friend, picked up our huge baggage, met the person who was to supposed to guide us and reached our residence midnight. Got into my bed and slept like a baby. Who doesn't after a 17 hour flight? Got up early, met with my friend started to walk in the streets of Paris. With knowing only few basic French, strolling in the streets looking at buildings which I have only looked at in pictures. Every building I see had a different architecture. Nonetheless, the French architects were geniuses. Met with few French people, and had decent food. Went back to meet my new international neighbors, haha. Then off to bed.

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very good Learning Experience in ur life..

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